Dr Julia Meaton

Director of Graduate Education

Huddersfield Business School is excited to introduce a new portfolio of contemporary courses, designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to be influential and successful in a rapidly changing global environment.

Our portfolio covers a wide range of subject areas offering courses in traditional business and management courses alongside new and innovative topics. We use real-life case studies to inform your teaching, providing courses that meet the needs of students, business organisations and wider society. We offer Postgraduate taught and research masters degrees, Professional Doctorates and PhD opportunities and MBA and Senior Leader Degree Apprenticeship courses to suit a wide range of learners and experience levels.

Our forward looking business courses offer:

A responsible curriculum. We are firmly committed to ensuring that businesses contribute to current and future global solutions. All of our courses are benchmarked against the global Sustainable Development Goals and the UK’s Industrial Challenges of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Clean Growth, Mobility and Ageing Societies.

An interdisciplinary curriculum. We know that future global solutions will require specialists with different expertise to work together.  Our interdisciplinary option pool ensures all masters students have the opportunity to study key themes from various disciplinary perspectives.

An intercultural curriculum. We live in a global world and value our diversity.  We challenge all of our students to assess their own cultural identity developed and better understand others,

A personal curriculum. We know that everybody’s career goals and journey will be unique.  Our flexible professional development module will help you identify the skills you need to develop and provide opportunities to hone your skills.  We also offer a choice of three capstone possibilities (research, consultancy project and new venture creation) will allow you to tailor your studies to you own career goals.”

Whether you’re progressing from education or currently working within the industry, postgraduate courses aim to provide you with the required knowledge, skills and experience, as well as challenging your assumptions and providing strategies to handle complex situations.

Postgraduate Subject Areas

Strategic Communication and Leadership

This suite of courses cultivates an appreciation of the crucial relationship between strategic communication and leadership.


Realise your ambitions with our MBA. Become a more effective manager and develop a strategic global management perspective.