Andrew Stainton

Student Placement Manager

"Doing a placement is proven to improve your chances of achieving a First in your final year due to the skills and knowledge gained on the placement."

The Business School Placement Unit aims to primarily support first and second year undergraduate students to ensure they secure a valuable placement or internship as part of their university experience.

Contact us to:

  • Identify suitable placements / internships for you
  • Help improve your CV
  • Check your application forms / cover letters
  • Arrange a mock interview
  • Practice psychometric tests
  • Gain advice on career planning
  • Learn how to market yourself effectively
  • Support you throughout your placement or internship

Why do a placement?


Boost your CV with valuable skills and knowledge to put you ahead in the graduate employment race.


Figure out what industry/role you want to work in after uni.


Dealing with people inside and outside an organisation will help increase your confidence as well as having real responsibility in your role for the year.

Better Grades

On average placement students perform better in their final year with a higher percentage achieving first or 2:1 grades as a result of greater application of knowledge.


Get some ideas for your dissertation/final project. Get motivated for your final year.

  • Earn a full salary for 12 months (average between £12,000 and £15,000)
  • Claim half your student maintenance loan
  • Still reap council tax exemptions

Students with a disability

Disability should not prevent you from securing a placement and we encourage all students with a disability to aim to do a placement. We can offer support and advice on overcoming any perceived challenges.

10 steps to placement success

  1. Start by preparing your CV using the hand-out from the placement unit or attend one of the CV writing sessions run by the Placement Unit or Careers Service. Bring a copy of your CV to the placement office (BS1/28) for advice and feedback. We prefer to meet you in person. It might take 2 or 3 visits to get it right. We are open 9am – 5pm Mon- Friday, you don’t need an appointment.

  2. Once your CV has been given the OK we will send you access to the eplacements website where we advertise vacancies. You also need to complete a Placement Planning Form so we know what you are interested in doing.

  3. You also need a Linked-in profile, the placement unit can advise on this – it is easy to do. Once you have a profile join the ‘Hud Bus Placement Student’ group as we post updates regularly here.

  4. The placement unit will advise on the types of role that could suit. You are not limited by the course you are studying and can apply for any role that interests you. As well as looking on eplacements use websites like ratemyplacement.

  5. If you have limited experience or not confident about your skills it is advisable to gain some short term experience to make you more competitive. The Placement Unit can help you identify such roles.

  6. On average students apply for 15 placements and attend 4 interviews before securing their placement – it can take longer. By working with the staff in the Placement Unit you will save time and avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

  7. As well as applying for placements you should make an effort to attend some of the employer presentations and networking events we run and attend the placements fair in December. These events give you the chance to find out more about employers and make a good impression in person – this makes a difference.

  8. When you have been offered a placement make sure you let the placement unit know so we can complete the necessary paperwork. We will then send you an email explaining the steps you need to take and also provide you with a pack of information for you and your employer.

  9. Around May time you need to attend a pre-placement presentation which covers essential information on passing the placement year.

  10. Above all else, what you need to secure a placement is resilience. If you stick at it, work with us and are flexible about where you apply you will secure a placement.

How to find your placement