Service user and carer involvement

Public Partnership Group

Committee members: Service Users and Carers Group

Back from the left
Janet Hargreaves, Barrie Holt, Howard Allmark, Christine Rhodes, Mandy Walsh, Carol Thomas

Front from the left
Frank Adams, Michelle Williams, Elaine Powell

The School of Human and Health Sciences believes the involvement of a wide range of people experienced in health and social care is of great value to the education of its students. Their stories and history of experiences can help students to understand the needs and expectations of the individuals they will be working with. This also enables them to develop the right values, knowledge and attitudes to support their client group, ultimately putting the person at the centre of care.

Through their involvement in education and research, service users and carers have the opportunity to make a difference and influence future health and social care. Their experience allows the students to receive input from ‘experts by experience’ and gain a better understanding of what it is like to be on the receiving end of health and social care.

The academics work alongside service users and carers, helping students to apply and relate theory and research to practice. Learning in the School is a joint endeavour and service users and carers, students, academics and practice colleagues work in partnership to achieve the goal of continuous improvement to care delivery.


The group produces a series of newsletters which describe all of its current and recent activities (use any one of the following links to read or to download a newsletter).

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If you would like any further information please contact:

Professor Janet Hargreaves, Professor of Professional Education