2012 Social work funding

The funding for students who study courses leading to a registration as a social worker is different to most university course but depends on where you are normally resident and where your course is run.

Undergraduate full-time courses

If you study a full-time undergraduate degree at the University of Huddersfield, meet the residency requirements and are normally resident in England, you may receive a non-means tested basic grant of up to £3,362 (2010/11 value)

In addition, you may receive a means-tested maintenance grant up to £2906 (2010/11 value) and Parental Learning Allowance and addition allowances if you have dependents.

Postgraduate courses

If you are studying a postgraduate course, your tuition fees may be paid directly by the Department of Health up to £3466 (2010/11 value). You are not entitled to any other financial help towards your costs.


The exact rules change regularly; so we can only give general guidance here. More up to date information may be on the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBA) web-site but minor changes to specific regulations may not be published.

The University will make an initial assessment of your eligibility. You may be offered a place on the course if you are eligible for funding from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) but you also need to meet the regulations set by the Department of Health for Social Work bursaries to receive a NHSBA bursary. These are not always the same as those that apply to other courses.

If you want to study at the University of Huddersfield and are normally resident outside England or are not a UK national, please check the NHSBA web-site link below for advice as to who to contact regarding funding.

The ultimate decisions on both your eligibility and the value of your grant can only be made by the bursary unit after they receive your application.

Contact details


Disclaimer: This information was collated in January 2011 and does not include changes in Department of Health regulations notified after 31 January 2011.

Changes of circumstances

If your circumstances change after you make your application to the bursary unit or during your course, you are obliged to inform them promptly.  Your bursary may increase or decrease.

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