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Tuition fees for students starting in 2015

How much will it cost at Huddersfield? £9,000*

And if you choose to take a placement year we only charge £500* for that year which is a lot lower than other universities.

The facts about tuition fees

1. Students don’t pay – graduates pay.

2. You only begin to pay back your loan once you start work and earn more than £21,000 per year

3. Graduates on average earn £12,000 per year more than non-graduates over their working lives.

How does the tuition fee system work?

There are no up-front fees and nothing to pay until after you leave University and get a job. Your repayments will then be deducted from your salary by your employer in the same way they deduct tax and national insurance payments. This table should give you an idea of what you’ll repay each month:

Annual salary* Repayment each month* Repayment per day*
£18,000 Nil Nil
£21,000 £7.50 25p
£25,000 £30.00 99p
£30,000 £67.50 £2.22
£35,000 £105.00 £3.45

*At the time of publishing, the government had yet to confirm full details of fees/funding for 2015/16. The fee we charge in 2015/16 and the thresholds for loan repayments may be subject to change, as they are dependent on government fees/funding policy changes. In subsequent years the fee will be subject to inflationary increases. Please check back for up to date information 10.4.14

Help towards living costs

Living cost support for eligible students is available in two ways:

1. Maintenance grant – up to a maximum of £3,387 per year*. This is dependent on your household income and you don’t have to pay this back.

2. Maintenance loan – up to a maximum of £5,740 per year*. You repay this in the same way as your Tuition Fee Loan.

The amount of loan you receive is means-tested and will vary if you qualify for the maximum grant.

How to apply

For information about how to apply for tuition fee loans, maintenance grants and maintenance loans visit:

Additional financial support

Teacher training courses such as the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and the Certificate in Education (lifelong learning) attract government funding.  For further information visit the course pages or visit the Department for Education website

Health professional courses* - if you are studying nursing, midwifery or another health professional course your fees will be paid by the NHS. You may also be eligible for and NHS grant or bursary. For further information, visit the NHS Business Services Authority website.

Social work* - if you are studying Social Work you may be eligible for a bursary in the years whilst you are on placement. Further details are available from the NHS Business Services Authority website.

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*All figures/criteria quoted on these pages are based on 2014 entry information, the only information currently available. 2015 fees and thresholds for loan repayments may vary as they depend on government policy. Please check back for up-to-date information 10.4.14 

Last updated Thursday 16 April 2015
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