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Once you become a student at the University a ‘UniMail’ email account will be set up for you. You can access your email account to read or send emails from any computer anywhere in the world with access to the Internet.

Unimail can be accessed directly at http://unimail.hud.ac.uk.

You can also see your emails from within portalplus.

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Why do I need to use UniMail?

UniMail is the main method that the University will use to contact you.

You should try therefore to get into the habit of checking your UniMail account regularly.

How do I know what my email address is?

Your email address is your University username, followed by @unimail.hud.ac.uk

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This person’s email address would be:

What if I already have my own email account?

You can set up your UniMail account so that any messages sent to it are automatically forwarded to your own email account. That way you don’t have the hassle of trying to remember to check two different accounts.  Simply click on the settings cog at the top right of the screen and select options.  From the 'shortcuts to other things' list, select Forward your email .  In the Forward my email to: box, type the email address to which you want all your UniMail forwarded.  Then click Start forwarding. 

E-Mail Passwords

The UniMail password is the same one used for other University systems.  There are more details here on how to change your password

Further information

Unimail offers the following benefits:

  • a massive mail quota of 25Gb
  • an email address that can be retained after leaving the University
  • email attachments up to 20Mb
  • a whopping personal storage space of 25Gb, known as the SkyDrive/OneDrive. 
  • access to Office 365 applications

Most browsers will work with Unimail, but to get all of the features you need to use

  • Internet Explorer 8 or later
  • Firefox 3.0.1 or later
  • Safari 3.1 or later

Spell check in UniMail uses the spell checking built into your web browser.  Not all web browsers have this facility.  It is available in the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Unimail on your Mobile

Follow the link to setup UniMail on your mobile device.


See the Office365 page for more information about online versions of Microsoft's popular Word, Excel and PowerPoint programs.   There's also information about OneDrive storage. 

Graduated and having problems? 

Check out the Office 365 page.



Terms of use

Your use of the Unimail system is bound by the the Microsoft Code of Conduct and the University Computing Regulations


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