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Health and safety


To be a Supportive, Approachable, Flexible and Enabling advisory service.


To be recognised as an authoritative and competent advisory service which supports a practical and flexible approach to integrated risk management and fosters a culture of personal responsibility throughout the university.

Roles within the university

  • To promote health, safety and welfare awareness as good practice for all members of staff and students.
  • To advise the Vice-Chancellor and University Council on the implementation of the university’s health and safety policy document.
  • Provide a specialist advisory service to all university personnel relating to all matters concerning health, safety and welfare at work.

Areas of activity

  • Advise on and implement schemes to ensure health, safety and welfare at work.
  • Maintain accident and incident records to monitor trends and statistics.
  • Carry out investigations of serious accidents and dangerous occurrences.
  • Advise on safety and fire precautions in the design and use of buildings, plant and equipment.
  • Advise on and undertake health and safety training.
  • Carry out periodic inspections to identify any unsafe practices, equipment or premises.
  • Carry out audits of health and safety risk management arrangements within individual schools and services.
  • Formulate and provide codes of practice and guidance documents relating to matters of health, safety and welfare.
  • Liaison with key external organisations such as: Health and Safety Executive; West Yorkshire Fire Service; West Yorkshire Police; and Kirklees Metropolitan Council

Office location

CS8/12, Central Services Building

The following areas are centrally coordinated by the university's Occupational Health Department: -

  • First aid
  • Display screen equipment
  • Work-related stress

Further information is available from the department's website.

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