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On behalf of the School of Applied Sciences I am very pleased to announce a new series of evening Public Lectures for the 2014-2015 academic year.

This is the 9th year that we have provided science-based talks for the community. We are committed to improving public knowledge of science and public appreciation for the contributions of science to social progress and to share some of the exciting research being conducted at the University. This commitment has a long history dating back nearly 200 years.

A Huddersfield Scientific and Mechanics Institute was founded in 1825 for "the supplying at a cheap rate, the different classes of the community, with the advantage of instruction in the various branches of science". This was followed by The Young Men's Mental Improvement Society in 1841 at the Temperance Hotel, Cross Church Street which, in turn became the Huddersfield Mechanics' Institution in 1844. A separate Female Educational Institute was established in 1846 and Huddersfield claims the distinction of having been the first to establish an Institution “organized and managed on a separate and independent basis, for the education of the young women of the working classes." The Mechanics' Institution was transformed into a Technical or Trade School during the 1880s as a result of the shift of emphasis from teaching mainly elementary education to scientific and technical teaching. By 1914 the College had 42 full-time and 37 part-time staff teaching 1,800 students ranging in level from University of London external degrees, principally in Chemistry, to the newly introduced day-release classes for apprentices.

Chemistry teaching and research in Huddersfield was seminal in establishing the College of Technology, the Polytechnic and finally in gaining University status.  Now there is a broad coverage of all the major sciences and there are currently about 1500 students in the School studying for BSc, MSc and PhD qualifications in biology, chemistry, food science, pharmacy and physics. The present School of Applied Sciences continues to grow and be successful and the series of talks this year reflects some of that activity.

Our Public Lectures are free and open to all, so I hope you are able to take these opportunities to find out more about the scientific research that is being carried out in the School of Applied Sciences at the University of Huddersfield.

We look forward to seeing, entertaining and informing you!

This Season's Programme of Lectures

Please see the Programme for full details of the Lecture Series.

The lectures take place in the Canalside West Lecture Theatre (CWS/10) and will begin at 6.30pm, with refreshments served before the lecture from 6.00pm. 

To help with our catering arrangmements, if you would like to attend please see the programme for links to each lecture's booking form.


For further information or for group bookings, please contact:
01484 473138


These lectures are FREE and OPEN TO ALL
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