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Welcome to the International Institute for Accelerator Applications

"Our mission is to teach, research, and lead developments in innovative accelerator technology and particle-target interactions, with applications for society in medicine, energy, industry and science"

We bring together research in accelerator science and engineering, with state-of-the-art equipment here on campus and the highest energy machines at sites around the world, including the LHC in Geneva and the ESS in Lund.

The Institute has a collaborative approach to research, working across disciplines on a wide range of projects including FFAGs, proton therapy, and ADSRs. We also run a Doctoral Training Centre for PhD students, with 2-3 funded studentships available each year, and a recently added Master's course. We host seminars with speakers from other labs.

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Physics Blog

  The Huddersfield Annual Accelerator Symposium is established as a regular event at the International Institute for Accelerator Applications (IIAA). So at the start of the 4th year of the Institute, we hosted our 4th Symposium on the 3rd of … Continue reading

The Institute’s first PhD student, Naomi Ratcliffe, has now completed her thesis to the satisfaction of the examiners, and the final version is printed and bound. One copy is now on the shelves of the Institute Library.  The first Huddersfield … Continue reading

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