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Michael Stewart is a multi-award winning writer, born and brought up in Salford, who moved to Yorkshire in 1995 and is now based in Bradford. He has written several full length stage plays, one of which, Karry Owky, was joint winner of the King’s Cross Award for New Writing, as well as securing work in radio and television.

He was the winner of the BBC Alfred Bradley Award in 2003 and his plays have been performed in Bradford, Leeds, Manchester, London, and extensively throughout the country. His BBC Radio 4 play Excluded was shortlisted for the Imison Award 2008. His latest BBC Radio 4 play Castaway was broadcast in February 2010.

He was writer in residence at Theatre in the Mill in Bradford, and is now senior lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Huddersfield, where he is the director of the Huddersfield Literature Festival and the editor of Grist Books. He is also the founding member of Dark and Dirty – an arts initiative funded by the Arts Council, set up to explore the hinterland of narrative art.

His fiction has been published widely in anthologies and magazines, including Route, Leaf Books, Brand Magazine and Aesthetica. His debut novel, King Crow, was published in January 2011 by Bluemoose Books and was the winner of the Guardian’s Not The Booker award. It was selected as a recommended read for World Book Night. Café Assassin was published in March 2015, also by Bluemoose Books.

Research & Scholarship

"The Flawed Story: an Exploratory and Critical Examination of the Importance of Modern Narrative. "

In teaching creative writing, it is sometimes asserted that there are a set of principles which are objective tools for constructing and evaluating satisfying narratives. 'Taste ' is subjective and has no place in this way of examining story.

But is 'taste ' always a moral response and/or an aesthetic one? And how does the atomised nature of modern social structures impinge on the narratives we construct and engage with?

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Writing stage plays
Writing radio plays
Writing fiction
The relationship between social structures and narrative
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