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Qualifications: BSc, MA, MA, Pg Cert. SSRM, FHEA.

I am an applied criminologist and Research Fellow at the Applied Criminology Centre (ACC) at the University of Huddersfield. I have 15 years of research experience, primarily for a range of Central Government clients as well as Local Government and third sector customers and other funders (the EU, and various research councils). This has included work in many areas of the CJS (Prisons, Youth Secure Estate, Police Custody Suites, Courts, Police computer forensics departments, Probation Service, YOTs. etc.).

My main research interests include the study of radicalisation; counter-terrorism; and hate crime (for clients such as the: Youth Justice Board, Office for Security and Counter Terrorism, the Home Office, and the European Union's Fundamental Rights Agency). My other research interests include offender management and desistance (for various clients) and the welfare of children of prisoners (EU). I am currently undertaking a part time PhD entitled: 'State Repression of Political Dissent: An examination of the Policing of three International Summit Protest Events in the UK'.

Myself and ACC colleagues have recently completed research in counter terrorism for the EU (DG Move - Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport) examining how to protect large, multi-modal transport hubs across Europe from terrorist attack as well as from serious crime (more information). The suite of reports delivered are currently being studied by commissioners and it is anticipated that some of this material will be published in the near future, by DG Move and also in academic outputs by ourselves.

Research and Scholarship

University research group memberships

I am currently a member of the Institute for Research in Citizenship and Applied Human Sciences and the Applied Criminology Centre.

Research interests

  • Radicalisation (the causes of radicalisation; the effectiveness of interventions with 'at risk groups' and radicalised individuals);
  • Hate crime offending and hate crime policy;
  • Offender resettlement and desistance;
  • Repression Research;
  • The unintended consequences of the criminal justice system.

In addition, I am interested in a number of conceptual and normative issues in the area where moral, legal and political philosophy intersect–particularly, obedience, authority, legitimacy, obligation, coercion, and privacy.

Selected research projects:

Publications (forthcoming)

(For a list of published outputs see research outputs)

  • Robertson, O., Christmann, K., Sharratt, K., Berman, A.H., Manby, M., Elizabeth Ayre, E., Foca, L., Asiminei, R., Philbrick, K., and Gavriluta, C. (2015) Children of prisoners: Their situation and role in long-term crime prevention, in Helmut Kury and Slawomir Redo (eds.) “Women and Children as Victims and Offenders: Background – Prevention – Reintegration: Suggestions for succeeding generations”, Springer
  • Monro, S, Christmann, K., Gibbs, G. & Monchuk, L. The Role of Public Authorities and Professionals in Supporting and Promoting the Fundamental Rights of LGBT Persons in the EU. European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

Publications (other):

  • Christmann, K (2015) ’Paris Attacks: How does a city protect its people?’ The Conversation, Nov 19th 2015.

Selected conference presentations:

  • Invited Plenary Speaker to United States Institute of Peace, Washington DC (22-23 July, 2015) conference on 'Evidence for CVE (Combating Violent Extremism): Advancing Community Based Approaches' (event organised by the United State Institute of Peace (USIP), the United States Department of State, and the United States Agency for International Development).
  • Invited to present recent hate crime research findings at a national workshop event organised by Stop Hate UK at Leeds City Hall, 24 July 2015 (with K. Wong).
  • Policy Exchange Conference: 'Prevention, Protection, Prosecution: The Next Steps to Tackling Hate Crime in Every Community', 20th May 2015, London. Hate Crime Reporting: Bridging the gap between aspiration and implementation (with K. Wong).
  • Invited attendee to the Centre for Crime and Justice studies roundtable workshop to examine ‘Racism & justice: Using research to hold the state to account’ (2015) (in light of the forthcoming statutory inquiry into undercover policing).
  • Kirklees and Calderdale Research Seminar: EDL (English Defence League) 'Understanding Concerns about Community Relations: Overview of emerging findings' (with P. Thomas, M. Rogerson, J. Busher, and; G. Macklin).
  • Invited delegate to the United Nations in Geneva to a ‘Special Day of Discussion on the ‘Rights of Children who have a Parent in Prison’ (22 November 2011).
  • Invited attendee PREVENT Research Seminar, Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism (Social and Behavioural Research Unit) (23 March 2010).

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Peer review

I have acted as peer reviewer for the following research grant councils and academic journals:

The Big Lottery Fund;

  • ESRC Small and Large Grants Reviewer;
  • The Journal of Military and Strategic Studies (JMSS);
  • The British Journal of Community Safety.

Media interviews

I have given a number of interviews to local press (Huddersfield Examiner; Sheffield Star) and local and regional radio (BBC Leeds, Real Radio) and national radio to either discuss trends in crime data, hate crime policy and practice, or a range of other criminological topics. My last interview was just before the General Election for BBC 5 Live.


I have provided consultancy and expertise to a range of bodies and organisations including:

  • Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism
  • A number of Local County Council's regards hate crime and situational crime prevention

Research Degree Supervision

There are a number of research areas that I can supervise, these are broadly:

  1. The causes and process of radicalisation (political and religious radicalisation and violence); measures to prevent radicalisation (principally Prevent policy);
  2. Hate crime offending and prevalence, and hate crime policy and interventions;
  3. Offender management and desistance research;

Protest policing; the militarisation of policing; police deviance and criminality.

Teaching and Professional Activities

  • HFB2003 Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • HFB2011 Myths and Realities of Crime
  • HIB1024 Violent Crime
  • HIB2000 Final Year project for the Social Sciences

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