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Jo joined the University of Huddersfield as a Senior Lecturer in Sociology in 2007 having previously taught Sociology at the University of York, the University of East Anglia and Leeds Trinity. Jo completed her PhD (funded by the ESRC) in the Centre for Women’s Studies at the Univeristy of York.

Jo’s PhD explored women’s engagement with narratives of childhood sexual abuse and she has since published widely on this subject including the book ‘Contesting Stories of Childhood Sexual Abuse’ published by PalgraveMacmillan. In addition she has presented her work at both National and International conferences.

Jo’s interests are broadly within the areas of self and identity, therapeutic and self-help cultures, health and well-being, childhood sexual abuse (including adult victims), narratives, and interpersonal sexual violence and the intersections of these with gender and / or sexuality. Jo is a;

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
  • Member of the British Sociological Association.
  • Member of the European Sociological Association.
  • Member of the Feminist and Women’s Studies Association.
  • Member of the Centre for Applied Childhood, Youth and Family Research (University of Huddersfield)

In addition to teaching and research Jo has been involved with Women’s Aid for over ten years.

Research & Scholarship

University research group memberships

Jo is currently a member of the Institute for Research in Citizenship and Applied Human Sciences and the Centre for Applied Childhood, Youth and Family Research.

Research interests

Jo’s research interests centre broadly in the areas of narrative constructions of self/identity, childhood sexual abuse and interpersonal violence, responses to abuse, and therapeutic and self-help cultures – particularly as these intersect with gender and/or sexuality.

Jo is currently developing ideas around dominant narratives of abuse, therapeutic and other responses to violence and abuse, and constructions of identity, including multiple personalities as a response to trauma. She recently completed a small research project looking at on-line support sites for for victims of abuse including those living with multiple personalities.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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  • Jo is a member of the Associate Editorial board of Sociology (2010 – present).
  • Jo is a reviewer for a number of journals: Sexualities, Women’s Studies International Forum and Sociology.
  • Jo has reviewed ESRC funding applications.
  • Jo has reviewed book proposals for Manchester University Press.

Key note lectures

  • Key note lecture – Opportunities and Challenges of Feminist Narrative Research (June 2012). Contesting stories: Challenges for feminist research.
  • Key note address - Annual conference of the British False Memory Society (April 2011). Why do women identify themselves as victims of childhood sexual abuse?

External PhD examiner

  • Dr Mike Hartill (University of Edge Hill 2010) The sexual subjection of boys in organised male sport.

Media contributions/appearances

  • Jo has written an article for The Guardian newspaper (March 2010).
  • Jo was interviewed about her research in The Daily Telegraph (2010) and the Huddersfield Examiner (2011).
  • Jo’s work was featured in British Sociological Association press release (April 2010).

Conference and seminar organisation

Jo has been involved in the organisation of a number of Conferences both at the University of Huddersfield and the University of York. Jo was also the convenor of the Centre for Women’s Studies seminar series 2000- 2002.

Research Degree Supervision

Past/current PhD supervision

  • Decision making in the context of Childhood Sexual Abuse in the Caribbean.
  • Lay understandings of child neglect (ESRC funded).
  • Community perceptions of child sexual abuse in Kenya.
  • Sexual exploitation and professionals’ decision making (ESRC funded).
  • Parents as illicit drug users - informing practice.
  • Narratives of health and well being.

Past/current MA supervision

  • Children and domestic violence.
  • Mothering and disabled children.
  • Media constructions of sexual exploitation.

Potential areas for supervision:

Proposals are welcome which look at the following broad areas,particularly as they intersect with gender and/or sexuality:

  • Self-help and therapeutic cultures and responses to ‘truama’.
  • (Narratives of) the self/identity and ‘well being’.
  • Transitions to adulthood.
  • Sexuality and gender.
  • Sexual/violent crime and the media.
  • Interpersonal/sexual violence (including child sexual abuse).

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Course leader: BSc (Hons) Sociology and Psychology.
  • Course leader: BSc (Hons) Behavioural Sciences.

Teaching and Professional Activities

  • Module leader for The Body and Society (level 3).
  • Module leader for Gender, Sexuality and Crime (level 2).
  • Module leader for Introduction to the Sociology of Culture (level 1).
  • PhD Supervision.
  • MA Dissertation supervision.
  • BA Dissertation supervision.

I also contribute guest lectures on the topics of childhood sexual abuse, victims, and narratives.

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