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I have been head of Psychology in two institutions, with the responsibility for the divisional resource management and line management of teams of academic and practitioner staff in psychology and allied disciplines. An environment in which research and research-led teaching has always been of paramount importance to me, and I moved from a management position into a more research focused role when the University’s priorities moved to research in the last few years. I am currently a research leader with special responsibility for the academic leadership of early career researchers across a wide range of disciplines. This entails the guidance, mentoring and direction of colleagues who are embarking on the post-doctoral or post-professional qualification stages of a research career. The role also involves the development, implementation and monitoring of policies to facilitate the attainment of the University’s strategic aims for its research profile. I am also course leader for the MSc in Psychology.

Outside of academia, I have experience of working in the secure communications field, actively involved in the integrity of information in networks. In addition, I have worked on projects examining practice in police and government services.

Research & Scholarship

University research group memberships

I am currently a member of the Institute for Research in Citizenship and Applied Human Sciences and the Centre for Applied Psychological Research.

Research interests

My research interests lie in two areas. My main research profile is in criminal psychology, particularly centred on the study of deviant sexual practices and the expression of aggression. I head up a research interest group in Sex, Violence, and Aggression, under the umbrella of Psychological Research, but with members across the university and associate members world-wide. Complementary to this research stream, I am interested in the psychology of culture, including music and folk tales. These two topics come together in a variety of unexpected ways, and providing a breadth of research opportunities and contacts, and inform teaching and research supervision.

In addition, I provide consultancy at all levels of the design and analysis of studies for private companies, the Home Office and NHS R&D units.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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  • In addition to my own research and the support of a range of other researchers at several levels of need, I review submissions for several international journals, and grant applications for a research council.
  • I am on the editorial board of the Journal of Criminal Psychology
  • I have given several invited presentations as keynote speaker at local and international conferences and lecture series, and am regularly asked to comment on events such as murders by local, national and international media.
  • I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a Chartered Psychologist and a Chartered Scientist.

Research Degree Supervision

Several previously supervised students have successfully submitted doctoral theses in areas such as Mental models, Psychological function under fire and Clinical psychology. I am currently supervising doctoral students researching areas such as Sexual deviancy and non-offending psychopathy, Mental disorder in sex offender prisons, Police officers and traumatic events and Intimate partner violence.

I have examined several PhD candidates presenting topics such as Homicide and Intelligence networks. I will consider supervision or examination of research students in most areas of criminal psychology, personality disorders or music psychology.

Administrative Responsibilities

Course Leader Msc in Psychology (subject to validation)

Teaching and Professional Activities

I teach areas such as personality disorders associated with criminality, violent offending, sexual offending/deviant sexual practice, serial offending, offender profiling and investigation of unnatural death.

On the undergraduate psychology programmes I am module leader for HHB1005 Forensic Psychology. On the MSc Investigative psychology I contribute to HMB1031 Investigative psychology theories and models for violent, acquisitive and sexual crime, HMB1035 Clinical forensic psychology and HMB1036 Methodologies for investigative psychology: tactics and strategies for studying criminal action. On the Msc in Psychology, I teach modules concerning research proposals and research projects, together with optional module of Forensic Psychology.

In addition to substantive areas of psychology outlined above, I teach social science research methodology, including complex experimental and correlational methods and analysis, hierarchical thematic analysis, factor analysis, survival analysis and statistical modelling. This supports not only my own research and consultancy, but also my ability to mentor other staff, supervise a wide variety of research students, provide academic and course leadership and teach psychology and research methods on a range of taught programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level. My research students are specifically sought as teachers across the university, as the team has a reputation for providing a thorough grounding in all aspects of research methods.

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