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My first degree was in Physics & Electronics. In my final year I became interested in electronic engineering and circuit design. After graduation, I worked in an engineering university as an assistant lecturer. I returned to student life two years later, gaining an MSc in Control Engineering from the University of Bradford. I then carried on working on a research project involving ultrasound for measuring distance of a target with a rough surface. After obtaining my PhD, I joined the department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Manchester as a research assistant. I designed several transducers for measuring the rising edge of a shock wave caused by an underwater explosion. I then returned to University of Bradford as a research fellow working on the design of a flowmeter for measuring mass of pulverised coal conveyed pneumatically. I joined Huddersfield University in 1986 as a lecturer and embarked on teaching, research and consultancy. I have successfully supervised three PhD research students and endless number of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

My main teaching area is in Embedded Systems and Computer Interfacing which are also my fields of interest. I have designed several undergraduate and postgraduate courses including MSc Embedded Systems Engineering.

I am the MSc Engineering Programme Leader and International Recruitment Manager for engineering courses.

Research and Scholarship

My main research area is in Embedded Systems Engineering. This encompasses a rather broad area of research which includes Fuzzy Controllers, Intelligent Sensors and networked microcontrollers. I have successfully supervised PhD projects in Fuzzy-based Face Recognition Systems, Intelligent AGV Navigation Systems and Intelligent Distributed controllers.

I am currently interested in incorporating wireless protocols such as ZigBee in embedded systems. This includes Wireless Intelligent Sensors and Wireless Intelligent Controllers.

My personal research interest is in Home Automation and Intelligent Buildings. I successfully automated my own home some years ago. Students are generally fascinated by the concept of home automation and I have gradually dismantled various parts my home system to provide undergraduate and postgraduate projects!

I am also eager to participate in industrial collaboration and consultancy projects. I have supervised KTP schemes and have carried out many consultancy projects for local industries.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Pavlos, L., Emmanouil, T., Bruce, M., Violeta, H., Ian, G., Zaharias, Z., Aristotelis, B. and John, C. (2015) ‘Comparison of Evolutionary Optimization Algorithms for FM-TV Broadcasting Antenna Array Null Filling’. In: 19th International Conference on Communications (CSCC'15), 16-20 July 2015, Zakynthos island, Greece


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Saeed, B. and Mehrdadi, B. (2012) Designing a Wireless Network of Intelligent Fuzzy Logic Controllers With NI LabVIEW National Instruments

Saeed, B. and Mehrdadi, B. (2012) Designing a Wireless Network of Intelligent Fuzzy Logic Controllers With NI LabVIEW Austin, Texas: National Instruments

Saeed, B. and Mehrdadi, B. (2012) ‘Designing a Wireless Network of Intelligent Fuzzy Logic Controllers With NI LabVIEWNational Instruments .

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Saeed, B. and Mehrdadi, B. (2010) ‘Intelligent Wireless Sensor Network’. In: Future Technologies in Computing and Engineering: Proceedings of Computing and Engineering Annual Researchers' Conference 2010: CEARC’10. Huddersfield: University of Huddersfield. p. 193. ISBN 9781862180932

Research Degree Supervision

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