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Verina Gfader is an artist and researcher whose work is organized around questions of what strategies and interventions one takes in relation to everyday systems, subsumed in narratives of agency and activism. Her practice involves models, drawing, animation, fictional institutions, and text material with a focus on printed matter in between unregulated and sophisticated presentation.

Postdoctoral research, after studies in visual media, photography and fine arts (PhD Central Saint Martins), includes a research residency at Tokyo University of the Arts (Geidai) to explore the structural coherence between non-commercial Japanese animation and geographical, institutional and social ideas. Her current fellowship at the School of Art, Design and Architecture, develops from a publishing practice, which is connected to the political in art—text and alliance, the immediate architecture of text, and the modalities and nature of knowledge in art.

Research and Scholarship

My artistic research (practice/theory) takes account of two subjects: the first is the incorporation of animation within fine arts; more particularly, my actual postdoctoral studies concern the structural coherence between a single cultural expression, in this case Japanese animation, and geographical, institutional and social ideas. By exploring the ways animation maintains its ambiguous status (of film, drawing, concept, vocabulary) and how it suggests a peculiar relation to the ‘minor,’ the studies attempt to trace its multiple image and reveal the potential of animation theory to contribute to new forms of knowledge that grasp current art movements and discourse, locally and globally.

The second develops from a publishing practice, which is tightly connected to the following interests: a) the political in art (possibilities for collective imagination but also, as Peter Osborne (2007) declares, that collectivity itself is fictional); b) the immediate architecture of text (corrections, editorial practice, design, marginalia); c) the question of in what way knowledge in art is by necessity accumulative and a plural voice (status of “not-knowing”). These three interrelated fields of exploration highlight a relationship to current production machines, understood as dispersed structures, not easily to be grasped in a totality, impossible to categorize and historisize. As such there appears an implicit complex relationship to histories and the historical. In turn, this dynamic leads back to a previous and longterm investigation of “minor histories” which can here be traced precisely in the very heart of economical power/capacity/potential.

The current fellowship involves a series of exilic writings. One could argue that the fellowship is grounded in assuming a position in exile, exile meaning both being detached, excluded, and simultaneously privileged (a place to be creative). This is bound with the question for the artist in exile: How to work with this position—make work—in order to break established structures. T.J. Demos (2009): “Far more radical is to universalize exile as the condition of being human, and to determine a politics of equality on that basis. It may currently be unlikely to conceive of this eventuality in today’s political environment. But perhaps this is exactly where artistic practice may assume its most radical role: to imagine alternatives otherwise impossible to contemplate, unleashing an imagination that maybe produce effects in turn.”

The hypothesis of All Practice is Text underlies my investigation.

Disciplines / Context

  • Contemporary art (non-commercial animation, Japanese animation, time-based media, film politics
  • Philosophy (Henri Bergson, Gilles Deleuze)
  • Discourse of Mobilities (geography/urbanism/the territorial/diagrams)
  • Knowledge culture and alternative tools for knowledge production (DIY practices, activist strategies)
  • Art Research and democratic models of or through (social) media
  • Publishing, printed matter (text and alliance)

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Editorial Position within EP, a new discursive platform founded and directed by Alex Coles

Associate Member, Research group Subjectivity and Feminisms, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London

Peer Reviewer for The Journal for Artistic Research (JAR)


2013: Residency at Sternberg Press, Berlin

2009: Grant by The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation for postdoctoral research, residency at Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo and Yokohama

2007: ‘Reference Check’ co-production lab, artist residency with Colm Lally, Banff New Media Institute, Canada. Advisors: Andreas Broeckman, Anne Galloway, Sarat Maharaj

2001–03: AHRC award for PhD Studies, Central Saint Martins, London

1996: Photography Residency London, Federal Ministry for the Arts, Vienna

1996: Research Grant, Federal Ministry for Science and Culture, Vienna

Research Degree Supervision

  • Non-commercial, independent animation / animation within fine art in the Western and Eastern (Japan) context
  • Film theory with a focus on the philosophies of Bergson (actual and virtual), and Deleuze (time-image, minoritarian cinema)

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