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I graduated from the University of Essex in 1999 with an honours degree in Sociology and Art History, and then completed an MA and PhD in Sculpture and Philosophy at the University of Leeds (awarded 2009). I am currently a Senior Lecturer in Historical and Theoretical Studies and PGT Programme Leader within the School.

Teaching Responsibilities

I am part of the Historical and Theoretical Studies Team at the University of Huddersfield, and provide contextual studies support to students specialising in art, design, and architecture.

Research & Scholarship

My current research interests include art school pedagogies, histories and theories of textile craft, and sculptural thinking. I am currently exploring how sculptural processes such as carving, moulding, shaping and forming provide philosophy with the rhetorical tools it needs to think. Do sculptural processes shape the aesthetic? How does philosophy use sculpture as a pedagogical tool for instruction? What is sculptural thinking? My research shows that whilst sculpture is often registered as an explicit object-example in philosophy the implicit use of sculptural processes signals modes of productive activity not yet accounted for in existing research on the philosophy of sculpture.

Research areas include:

  • Sculpture studies, aesthetics, and art theory;
  • The aesthetics of craft practice - differentiating modes of making and meaning in contemporary craft;
  • Philosophies of art (Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, Marx and Heidegger), themes of art and politics (Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Georg Lukacs, Bertolt Brecht and Ernst Bloch);
  • Shifting conceptions of the city, new forms of technology (industrial and virtual), work and the workplace, post-industrial modes of capitalism and new configurations of identity;

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Garside, J., Tyas, M., Ormrod, G., Topping, A., Bailey, R. and Stone, G. (2014) ‘Developing the culture of publication’. In: NETNEP 2014 5th International Nurse Education Conference , 22-25 June 2014, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands

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Bailey, R. and Barber, C. (2013) ‘The Sleeping Bag Project’. In: The Subversive Stitch Revisited, 29th November 2013, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Unver, E., Swann, D., Bailey, R., Govindarajan, I. and Dollan, F. (2013) The Art of 3D Sculpted Printing : Royal Coat of Arms Case Study [Artefact]

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Bailey, R (2012) ‘Five steps toward a radical pedagogyRadar , 1 (3), pp. 6-10. ISSN 2049-4327

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Bailey, R (2011) Art Collaboration between Phil Welding and Rowan Bailey: The Effects of Involuntary Thinking in the Workplace [Show/Exhibition]

Bailey, R (2011) ‘Book Review - Andrew J. Mitchell, Heidegger Among the Sculptors – Body, Space and the Art of Dwelling Stanford, CA, Stanford University Press, 2010, 144pp., 32 illustrations, £44.50. ISBN 9780804770224Sculpture Journal , 20 (2), pp. 284-286. ISSN 1366-2724

Bailey, R (2011) ‘Herder's Sculptural ThinkingParallax , 17 (2), pp. 71-83. ISSN 1353-4645


Bailey, R (2010) Lost in Transition - Exhibition by the art collective Fictional Museum [Show/Exhibition]

Bailey, R (2010) ‘Herder’s Sculptural Thinking – A Philosophy for the People?’. In: Guest Lecture, April 2010 , University of Leeds


Bailey, R (2009) The philosophy of sculpture: the sculpture of philosophy Casting Bodies of Thought Doctoral thesis, University of Leeds.

Bailey, R (2009) ‘Monochromatic Productions: The Ends of Photography and the Beginning of Writing’. In: The object of photography: exhibition catalogue. Leeds: Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery. .


Language/Copy editor for Kivimma, E. (ed.) (2012) Working with Feminism: Curating and Exhibitions in Eastern Europe. Tallin: Tallin University Press.

Editorial Board Member for Evental Aesthetics -

Research Degree Supervision

I am willing to supervise PhDs on the following topics related to my current research activity:

Histories and theories of sculptural making, with a focus on: a) Intersections between sculpture and textiles, sculpture and photography, sculpture and the other arts. b) Sculpture and explorations of identity – class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality. c) Sculptural thinking - historical and contemporary approaches to sculptural production.

Histories and theories of textile craft practice, with a focus on: a) The aesthetics of craft practice - modes of making and modes of meaning in the production of contemporary textile craft. b) Metaphors of cloth – the languages of textiles and craft making. c) Socially engaged craft practices – practices of community engagement, political activism, environmental issues, identity, etc.

Histories and theories of art and design education, with a focus on: a) Art School models and the formation of alternative pedagogical spaces. b) The educational turn in art and design practice. c) Intersections between practice and pedagogy.

Teaching and Professional Activities

Bailey, R. and Tinker, A.(2013)Second Year Blues: Developing Interactive Resources for Progressive Curriculum Design (TALI funded project).

Garside, J., Graham Omrod, Annie Topping, Moira Tyras, Graham Stone, Rowan Bailey (2013) Developing a Culture of Publication (TALI funded project).

I currently teach undergraduate history and theory to students in Textile Craft, Textiles with Surface Design, Contemporary Art and Costume Design. I am also responsible for the coordination of the Taught Cross Disciplinary Masters Programme within the School of Art, Design and Architecture

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