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Dr. Lisa Stansbie is Head of The Department of Art and Communication. Her practice crosses the disciplines of film, sound, sculpture, installation, photography and digital practices. Stansbie has undertaken residencies, commissions and exhibited across Europe and the U.S.

Her series of works Spitfire Beach (2010) were shown in the Short Cuts exhibition in March 2010 at g39 Cardiff and were on long-term display at The Arts Council Headquarters, London (2010-2012). Stansbie's audio piece Background to a film: Spitfire Beach (2010) features on A History of Background audio CD + booklet published in an edition of 1000 by cantaudio033 in February 2011. Spitfire Beach was also shown in April 2011 as part of the g39 and Halle 14 collaboration Portmanteau, in Leipzig, Germany. In March 2011 she was commissioned to make the new film work Ark (2011) in response to the Artemis Archive in Leeds. This film was exhibited in the Hunter Gatherer exhibition at Project Space Leeds April - August 2011. Her solo show Flight at Huddersfield Art Gallery January - March 2012 showcased Stansbie's existing and new work related to the notion of flight via wings, journeys, travels and aeroplanes. Outcasting: Fourth Wall (Funded by Arts Council Wales and Cardiff Contemporary) recently commissioned Stansbie’s Diaphone (2012) film, a site responsive work filmed on Flatholm Island that investigated the presence and absence of sound and communication machines on the island.

She was joint founder and editor (with Derek Horton) of www.soanyway.org.uk an experimental online magazine project centred around notions of narrative and storytelling.

Her PhD from Leeds Metropolitan University Zeppelinbend: Multiplicity, encyclopaedic strategies and nonlinear methodologies for a visual practice was completed in 2010 and exists solely as a website www.zeppelinbend.com. The PhD submission formed the central case study for the 2012 book chapter 'Establishing the Cybertextual in Practice based PhDs' In R. Andrews, E. Borg, S. Boyd-Davis, M. Domingo, and J. England (eds), SAGE Handbook of Digital Dissertations and Theses ISBN 9780857027399. This chapter investigates U.K. based PhD study in the discipline of art and design (linked to practice-based study) and traces the development of alternative approaches to the PhD submission including the website format which is still in its infancy.

Research & Scholarship

Recent work investigates the narratives, processes, rituals and apparatus of the sport of open water swimming with a focus on the ‘cult’ of channel swimming, in particular the collective interaction and identity of the channel swimmer.

The work combines both object based sculpture, photography, drawing and films that research the sport by a direct involvement and performance within it. Documentary processes and re-enactment are engaged, with Stansbie as the subject of the study in the video series Acclimatisation (2012). The piece documents the body’s physical response to cold-water immersion and the method of acclimatising (habituation) over a set period of time, a process that is core to channel swimming training. This piece in particular reflects aspects of ‘positive deviant’ behaviour (Ewald and Jiobu, 1985) where there is an over commitment to extending the action (Hughes and Coakley 1991) undertaken by extreme athletes. Other work in this body of research includes photography, sound and sculptures based on swimwear, swimming apparatus and GPS tracking information utilised during channel swimming.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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