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Portrait of Dr Ertu Unver Dr Ertu Unver | 01484 473747


Dr ERTUgrul UNVER (BSc, MSc, PhD, PgCert, FHEA, AIED, Associate Professor) : Principal Enterprise Fellow (Reader) in 3D & Product Design


During college education Dr Unver trained as production and manufacturing engineer before taking a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. After gaining BSc Mechanical Engineering in 1986, completing MSc in 1989 in Engineering & Computer Programming, he has worked as Research Assistant for 4 years and then Lecturer for 3 years. After completing his PhD, he became Assistant Professor at the University of Cukurova, Turkey in 1994. Dr Unver entered the design industry when he started working for a UK based Industrial Design consultancy in 1995 as designer & CAD/CAM manager. In 1999, he was appointed as Senior Lecturer at the University of Huddersfield, teaching on Product, Industrial and Transport Design courses. He is also course leader for MA 3D Digital Design course. In 2013, he was awarded the title of Associate Professor by Higher Education Authority of Turkey (YOK). Recently, he has been appointed as a Principal Enterprise Fellow (Reader) at the University of Huddersfield, School of Art, Design and Architecture, Department of Architecture and 3D Design


Dr Unver has 10 years industrial and over 20 years academic experience in Research and Development. As an Engineer the areas of responsibility included, machine tools, manufacturing technologies (turning, milling, grinding, CNC, CAD/CAM, building of cementing and brick machinery, press, forging steelwork machinery, moulding design and manufacture.

Since starting at Huddersfield, he has produced over 85 research outputs. During this time I delivered Digital Technologies, Engineering and Manufacturing Technology, Project modules and opportunity to supervise students both undergraduate and postgraduate levels including running live projects Rover, Nissan, Morgan, Jaguar, Bayer, DePuy: Johnson & Johnson). He has been involved in a number of Research, consultancy design work. He is keen on collaboration and have excellent relations with colleagues from other Schools within the University in addition to colleagues at the other Universities such as Sheffield Hallam, De Montfort, Falmouth and Bradford. My interest extends to international collaboration where teaching and research features strongly in countries such as a number of Turkish, Russian, South African Universities.



Research and Scholarship

Dr Unver's longstanding research interests are in the area of 3D Digital Design, Product Design and Mechanical Engineering. He has an Engineering background with CAD/CAM, CNC and design for manufacturing. He extensively uses various technologies including 3D printing, prototyping, 3D scanning, motion capture, design optimisation and analysis. His recent research involves the use of rapid manufacturing systems, 3D laser Sintering and Stereolithography 3D printing technologies for Rapid Tooling. He has extensively used application of 3D laser scanning process for product development. Other recent works: Application of polygonal modelling techniques for 3D printing of artifacts, Laser Sintering for manufacturing of moulds, silicone forming technologies, software development of  randomly mutating shapes  & 3D meshes for building of complex craft forms.

He have supervised over 25 Postgraduate students with research area of Digital Design, Industrial, Product Design, 3D Scanning, Motion Capture, VR, 3D Interactive Media, Animation, Rapid Tool Design & Mass Customisation. He is committed to the development and support of research activity, which he considers to be fundamental to the continuing success of the University as a centre for innovation and as a contributor to the economic wellbeing of the country.




Publications and Other Research Outputs


Benincasa-Sharman, C., Taylor, A. and Unver, E. (2016) ‘Populating Praxis of Place, Stonehenge: An Interdisciplinary Collaboration’. In: School of Art, Design & Architecture Research Conference 2016, 14th January 2016, University of Huddersfield


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Unver, E (2013) Design and Development of a new Scalp Cooling Cap - Stage 1 : Confidential Design and Development Report Confidential Report Submitted to Paxman Coolers ltd (Submitted)


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Research Degree Supervision

Dr Unver is seeking to supervise research students in the following three areas: Application of 3D Modelling, 3D printing and 3D scanning technologies for design and new product development may include the followings subject areas:

  • Application of Advanced Design Technologies  in Medical industry, Mass Customisation and Custom Fitting, wearable products, (Polygon, NURBs, Solid, Class A Modelling)
  • Design optimisation: Materials, simulations, motion analysis in Product Development,
  • Use of Direct Digital Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, and Additive Manufacturing technologies in Industrial - Product Design process.
  • Application of 3D Digital Sculpting for Historical, Product Design, Representations, and 3D Craft Form generations,
  • 3D Scanning: Development of an Anthropometric 3D database using body and face scanning methods.
  • Development of innovative approaches to mould and shape forming, Prototyping and manufacturing of injection moulding, castings, patterns, products using Low Melting Alloys such as Bismuth alloys. Innovative approaches to sheet metal forming using recyclable low melting point alloy materials. Investigation into using Metal Laminated Tooling for forming and moulding process.
  • Motion capturing and 3D visualisation and simulation technologies: Human behaviour analysis using motion captured data and photogrammetry. Application of 3D motion capturing methods for automotive, transport and vehicle driving simulations, outdoor measurement and user behaviour analysis and their applications.
  • Animations, Simulations and Ergonomic analysis of human working conditions; projects might include experimentation of various situations such as bicycle riding posture, low speed vehicle accidents, breaking and acceleration analysis, analysis of accessibility to vehicles, machines or buildings.

Recently he has completed a research project titled 'Post Industrial Manufacturing Systems', covering 'Future Factories' and 'AutoMAKE' covering the random mutation of product designs and building of complex craft forms randomly within user specified 3D meshes.

PhD students:

• Ray Butterworth (2012-) Main Supervisor, Title: Mobile devices for Interactive 3D Digital Imagery within architectural visualisation.
• Paul D Blindell (2013-) Second Supervisor, Title: Modelling Interiority: towards an experiential model of proto-spatial construction)
• Andrew Taylor (2011-) Second Supervisor, Title: The application of 3D Technologies in Surface, Fashion and Textile Design Education, started in Manchester Metropolitan University where I was the second supervisor then he transferred to University of Huddersfield.

• Lionel Dean (2004-2010), Main Supervisor Title: Future Factories, University of Huddersfield, UK, 2010
• Isil onol, (2006-2011): Second Supervisor, Title: Haptic Interaction with Visual information, University of Huddersfield, UK, 2011

MA by Research Master Students:

• Brian Jagger, 2012- Thesis Title: An investigation of recyclable Bismuth Alloys for Product Design and Manufacturing
• Barry S. Armstrong 2011-2014, completed, MA Thesis Title: Sketching in Digital Clay: Digital sculpture for costume design visualisation
• Frank Fitzpatrick, 2011-2014,completed MA: Thesis Title: Digital Sculpting for Historical Representation: Neville Tomb Case Study
• Ray Butterworth, 2010-2011, completed MA Thesis, Title: A Threaded Approach to the Learning and Delivery of 3D Illustration within a HE Framework,
• Preeti Pande: 2010-2011, completed MA Thesis Title: Creation of Educational 3D visualisations of a cultural world Heritage Site: Saltaire Case Study

MA 3D Digital Design Master Thesis Supervision

• Fiona Dollan (2014), MA Thesis title: Design of 3D futuristic hovercraft motorcycle concept.
• Iniyanrajan Govindarajan, (2014), MA Thesis title: Design, development and animation of stair-climbing wheelchair
• Paul Fox (2013), MA Thesis title: Application of 3D Interactive Media for Architectural Design and Illustration
• Ben Livingstone (2013), MA Thesis title: Innovative Design & Medical Application of 3D Printing
• Hannah Smith (Sep 2012), MA Thesis title: Historical Media – The Noble Knight an Horseback
• Bernard Walker (Sep 2012), MA Thesis title: Utilising Narrative for Design in Modern Computer Games
• Argyroulla Argyrou (Sep 2012), MA Thesis title: Digital Water Effects
• Ahmed Hmeida, (Sep 2012) MA Thesis title: Design with Climate, Sunlight and Architecture,
• Daniel Hughes (Dec 2011), MA Thesis title: A 3D Digital Portrait: Patrick Stewart
• Ryan Blackburn: (Dec 2011), MA Thesis title: Influence of 3D Digital Tools for 2D Painting
• Chaitanya Guthala, (Sept 2011), MA Thesis title: Motion Capture in Performing Arts
• Vinodh Vasudevan (Jan 2011) MA Thesis title: Influence of Compositing in Mass Media
• Naresh B. Veeragoni (Jan 2011) MA Thesis title: Application of 3D Animation for Medical Visualisation: Heart attack case study
• Naveed Azhar (April 2011) MA Thesis title: Interactivity of Buildings and Spaces: Architectural Drawing Techniques and the Alternatives
• Vijay Patel (Jan 2010) MA thesis Title: The Effective Use of Digital Character Creation Methods
• Adarsh Attavar: (Jan 2010) MA Thesis title: Integrating Advanced 3D Digital Techniques into Automotive Design Applications
• Alexandra Zotova (Jan 2010) MA Thesis title: A New Educational Game Environment Concept Development for Children

Enterprise Activities

Funded Projects:

  • Unver E., Howard C., Swann D., (2012-1013), funded, Leading the Design and development of a new Scalp Cooling Project,  TSB Funded new Cap Development,
  • Unver E., Bromley R. 2011-2012, Funded package opening design innovation project,
  • Unver E., Nov 2011, Business Gateway project work for designing a Child potty training project as part of University of Huddersfield consultancy outreach,
  • Unver E., Tony Johnson, Nov 2010 - April 2011, external funding received, Completion of Huddersfield University, CVF project work for developing a concept of Flywheel, Kinetic Energy Storage project, sponsored by external company ESP
  • Unver E., Hunt E., Towns-Andrews, L., Ball A., Cryan B., 2012, Organising Turkish academic visitors from the University of Uludag and Tofas.
  • Unver E., Feb 2010 – 15 days, Organising and delivery of externally funded short-term training programme for Turkish students at the University of Huddersfield.
  • Unver E., 2009, Business Gateway project funded work for Jay Innovation. A new bin lock mechanism design.
  • Anneké Pettican, Ertu Unver (2009) Joint application for AHRC funding, PetDigitised Doubles – An enquiry into digital 3D scanning and modelling processes to realise sculptural portraiture exploring poise & character
  • Unver E., May 2007-2010, Knowledge RICH Business Gateway project for Jay Innovation of a security device. Wheelie Bin Lock Design, development, tooling and manufacturing,
  • Unver E., Howard C.2002/2003, 3D Character development using 3D Laser scanning television programme, Joint project with Mackinnon & Sounders ltd, Manchester, UK
  • Unver E., Howard C.2002, Design Development of Tractor Parts for a Television Series, Manchester, UK.
  • 1998-1999, Huddersfield Technical College, Development of 3D CNC simulation software for ADAPT - University for Industry MLI Project)
  • 1996-1997, Development of Pro-APT CNC Software, using Delphi, The Business & Innovation Centre of Bradford, Small firms Development Grand, Bradford
  • Unver E., (2008), funding received, Automake project: digital generative craft project, Research communities fund,
  • Taylor, A., Unver E., 2008, funding received, Collaborative research funding for the development of Interactive Online E-learning Environments,
  • Unver E., Hunt E., Daniels L, 2005/2006, Motion capture, Stereoscopic visualisation and 3D printing, funding, testing, purchasing, implementation, dissemination,
  • Unver E., Tancock, T 2004/2005 funding received) Bright Ideas fund, Development of a 3D laser scanning digitising process for education and industrial applications.


Administrative Responsibilities

He has lectured in a number of institutions delivering modules both undergraduate and postgraduate including Mechanical Engineering, Software Programming, Industrial & Product, Transport Design, 3D Digital Design. Dr Unver has three current PhD students, two PhD completions, five MA by Research, and sixteen MA 3D master students supervision completed. University of Huddersfield academic responsibilities includes:

• 2007 – date: MA 3D Digital Design Course Leader
• 1999 – date: Product Design Team Member, Year 2 Tutor, Shared Responsibilities include interviewing students, admission, marking assessment and management.
• 2009 - date: Course Leader Group member, for the Department of Architecture and 3D,
• 2012 - date: School specialist for 3D Modelling and Prototyping. The expert for the selection of School's 3D printers and selection of the Laser Sintering - 3D prototyping tools at the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre.
• 2006 – date: Leading Enterprise Committee member for the School of Art, Design and Architecture of University Enterprise Centre
• 2005 - date: 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering, 3D Motion Capture Advisor
• 2001 - 2011: School Research Committee Member,
• 2001 - 2011: School Teaching and Learning Committee member,
• 2001 - 2006: School web site administrator
• 2001 - 2006: Course leader for Industrial Design course

Teaching and Professional Activities

Teaching Responsibilities.
Dr Unver is currently the CAD/CAM manufacturing and technology specialist for 3D Design, which includes MA 3D Digital Design Master, Product Design and Transport Design courses.


Current UG Modules Delivered:

  • THD1346 Major Design Project                                                    60 Credits
  • THD1226 Minor Design Project                                                    40 Credits
  • THD1227 Major Design Project                                                    40 Credits
  • TID 1190 Materials, Manufacturing and Digital Technologies       40 Credits
  • TID 1079 Advance Computing and Technology Studies               20 Credits

Current Postgraduate module

  • TMA 1142 Exploration in Practice                                                30 credits
  • TMA 1143 Exploration through Practice                                      30 credits
  • TMA1115 Final Masters Project                                                   60 credits


He regularly uses the following packages:

  • 3D modelling and animation: Solidworks, Alias Design Studio, 3D Max,
  • 3D animation: 3D Studio Max, Maya,
  • Virtual Reality: 3DVIA formerly known as Virtools (3D Programming for interactive media)
  • Character Animation: Character Studio with 3D max and Maya,
  • Motion Capture: Moven Studio,
  • 2D CAD, AutoCAD, Illustrator,
  • 3D scanning and cloud data : Geomagic Studio, Minolta Polygon Editing,
  • Image & Film editing, processing effects: Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects,
  • Solid Model optimization: Solidworks Simulation & Motion,
  • Web site creation: Micromedia Dreamweaver,
  • Stereoscopic film and interactive media creation, motion tracking,
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