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Alex Coles is Professor of Transdisciplinary Studies. Rather than a specialist in an already established discipline, Coles is drawn to the emergent interface between art, design and architecture. His most recent research is a multiple-volume project titled The Transdisciplinary Studio. Volume 1 of the series was released in spring 2012 by Sternberg Press, Berlin, and focused on Olafur Eliasson, Jorge Pardo, Konstantin Grcic and Åbäke. Research for the case studies was conducted by spending up to three months in each studio throughout 2008-2011 using a participant-observant method derived from ethnography - a form of embedded research characteristic of transdisciplinary studies. Coles is currently researching The Transdisciplinary Studio Vol. 2 due for release in 2014.

Coles has founded a new series of books called "EP" - the first critically underpinned series of publications that fluidly move between art, design, and architecture. The series creates a discursive platform between popular magazines (“single play”) and academic journals (“long play”) by introducing the notion of the “extended play” into publishing: with thematically edited pocket books as median. The first volume is devoted to the activities of the Italian avant-garde between 1968 and 1976. While emphasizing the multiple correspondences between collectives and groups like Arte Povera, Archizoom, Superstudio, and figures such as Ettore Sottsass and Alessandro Mendini, The Italian Avant-Garde: 1968–1976 also highlights previously overlooked spaces, works, and performances generated by Zoo, Gruppo 9999, and Cavart. Newly commissioned interviews and essays by historians and curators shed light on the era, while contemporary practitioners discuss its complex legacy. Contributors include: Carlo Caldini, Alison J. Clarke, Experimental Jetset, Verina Gfader, Martino Gamper, Joseph Grima, Alessandro Mendini, Antonio Negri, Paola Nicolin, Michaelangelo Pistoletto, Catharine Rossi, Vera Sacchetti, Libby Sellers, Studio Formafantasma, and Ettore Vitale.

Research & Scholarship

Coles’ public commitment to the relationship between disciplines in the arts commenced with his book DesignArt published by the Tate in 2005 in Europe (and by Abrams in the US). Following the publication of the book, and the author’s coining of the term “designart” (first used in his article “Art Décor,” Art Monthly, February, 2002), both Design Miami (Florida) and the DesignArt (London) fairs were founded and the international auction house Phillips de Pury (London/New York) also began a series of designart themed sales. The author is widely acknowledged as spearheading this new domain of interdisciplinary study. As a follow up, Coles edited a critical anthology on the subject, Design and Art, for MIT Press/Whitechapel in 2007. Both books triggered a series of exhibitions and conferences on the subject. The catalogues and published proceedings from these exhibitions and conferences all heavily cite the author and have led to designart becoming a growing area of practice and academic research (see esteem/impact below).

Invitations to contribute essays to exhibition catalogues related to the theme of designart have also been triggered by both books, including essays for the Pompidou, Metz (2012), JRP Ringier, Zurich (2012), Galerie kreo, Paris (2011), Ikon Gallery, Birmingham/International Design Museum, Munich (2010), K21, Dusseldorf (2009), and VITRA, Veil am Rhein (2007). Invitations to speak at seminars and conferences at leading international institutions have followed too, including: Art Basel (2012), the ICA, London (2012), Konstfack, Stockholm (2010), the Royal College of Art, London (2010/2011), The Saatchi Gallery, London (2011), Tate Modern, London (2005/2007), The V&A, London (2010), The Ikon, Birmingham (2010), The Serpentine Gallery, London (2009), and The Courtauld Institute, London (2006/2007).

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Research Degree Supervision

  • Design art and transdisciplinary studies in art.
  • Art and design writing and criticism. 

Enterprise Activities


As co-principle investigator, Coles was awarded $50,000 by La Vaca Independiente, Mexico City, for a three-year research project into a series of hacienda buildings being developed by the artist Jorge Pardo in the Yucatan jungle, Mexico. This has lead to a forthcoming monograph, Tecoh, to be released by neugerriemschneider and Sternberg Press in the autumn of 2012. From this also came a long-term project for which Coles is the co-principle investigator, receiving a grant of $250.000 from the La Vaca Independiente, Mexico City, for five years to pilot a new low-residency course to be hosted in Pardo’s hacienda buildings in the Yucatan jungle.

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