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Position: Professor of Human Resource Management - People, Management and Organisations
Qualifications: BSc, MBA, MPhil, PhD, AcFCIPD, FHEA
Research Group: Talent, Diversity and Development Research Group


Stephen joined the Business School in 2010 to take up a new post as Professor of Human Resource Management in the Department of People, Management and Organizations. Initially graduating in chemistry, he worked on a range of scientific and technical projects in industry before moving into management and completing postgraduate qualifications in business studies.  After moving into the university sector he was awarded a Ph.D (Leicester) for research on the organizational commitment of professional employees. Before moving to Huddersfield he was at the University of Hull where he was Director of the full time MBA programme. Stephen was Director of Research for the Business School at Huddersfield and led a successful REF2014 project before taking on a lead role for School accreditation. He is an Academic Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.


Research and Scholarship


Stephen’s research is focused on understanding employee performance in the workplace and explores the nature of organizational commitment, employee behaviour in teams and the concept of team performance, and the design and effectiveness of talent management strategies. Stephen also has developing interests in the effects of Islamic values on management practice which follow from extensive teaching experience in the Gulf and the supervision of Gulf nationals on research degrees.
His teaching covers employee selection and reward, international human resource management and human resource strategy as well as the supervision of Masters and PhD students.

Professional membership:

  • Academic Fellow of the CIPD
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Editorial Board member for Personnel Review
External Examiner for an MBA programme and for PhDs
Regular reviewer for journals

Research Degree Supervision

Stephen has supervised several PhD students to completion including students from Oman, Saudi Arabia and Libya (100% completion rate). He welcomes proposals from prospective students in human resource management and is particularly interested in supervising in the following research areas;

Talent identification and talent management: issues of fairness and equality, programme design and programme evaluation

Management in the Gulf States: issues of employee commitment, motivation and performance, management development, the effectiveness of human resource management practices and strategies and the influence of Islamic work values.

Enterprise Activities

Psychometric analysis of a team role questionnaire.
Teaching in Gulf states

Administrative Responsibilities

Director of Research
Member of School Management Team

Teaching and Professional Activities

Module Leader for Human Resource Strategy

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