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Sue was awarded a BSc in Physics with Environmental Biology from University of Liverpool in 1980 and gained a PhD for a thesis entitled “Mossbauer Spectroscopic Studies of Iron in Biological Materials” also from University of Liverpool in 1983. After postdoctoral positions in Liverpool, Southampton and Reading Universities, Sue took up a position as a Scientific Officer at the Rutherford Appleton’s ISIS facility as part of the team that built the EC Pulsed Muon Facility.

Sue moved to St Andrews University in 1994, then to Leeds in 2000 before taking up a position as Professor of Materials and Director of the Institute for Materials Research at the University of Salford in 2006. After a period as Associate Dean for Research and Innovation at Salford Sue moved to the University of Huddersfield as a Research Professor (November 2011)

Research and Scholarship

In her research Sue utilises a wide array of both laboratory-based advanced condensed matter physics techniques eg, Mössbauer spectroscopy, susceptibility, magnetisation and x-ray diffraction and those provided by large scale international research facilities eg, neutron diffraction, small angle neutron scattering, polarised neutron studies and muon spin rotation and relaxation methods.

This approach has enabled her to make contributions to the understanding of, for example, the structural and functional properties of the iron storage protein ferritin and its clinical substitute iron dextran; the mechanisms of transition metal moment localisation in rare-earth transition metal compounds; the structure-function relations in high temperature cuprate superconductors; the complex relaxational dynamics in spin glass systems; the mechanisms of iron uptake and toxity in food crops and the suitability of soils for agriculture; the discovery of entirely new structural phases in intermetallic compounds; and the preparation of novel biomaterials for clinical use.

Sue currently holds a KTP award with BorgWarner in Bradford to study the properties of alloys with applications in the automotive industry.

Over the last few years Sue has been elected to several national and international positions of responsibility, such as a committee member of the IoP Structural Condensed Matter Physics and Magnetism Groups; Chairman of CCLRC’s ISIS Muon Group, Chairman of ISIS User Committee and Ombudsman for ISIS; and the UK delegate to the European, Russian and African Chapter of the International Society for Muon Spectroscopy (ISMS-E). She was elected as a Fellow of Institute of Physics in 2010.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Research Degree Supervision

General areas

Phase formation and transformation in alloys, Development of materials with applications in medicine and dentistry

PhD project for 2012 entry

Formation of Bioactive Materials for Biomedical Applications Supervisor
Professor Sue Kilcoyne

When artificial materials are implanted into bone they are usually encapsulated by fibrous tissue, which adversely affects their clinical function and survival.  However apatite based glass-ceramics have the ability to bond to living tissue very rapidly and are regarded as some of the most bioactive materials discovered to date. Unfortunately their applications are currently restricted to non-load bearing implants.

The aim of this PhD is to develop these apatite-based materials for load bearing applications.  The student will use neutron and x-ray techniques to determine the crystallographic properties of the material.  The mechanical properties, e.g. strength, edge-toughness, machinability will be measured and the material’s bioactivity will also be determined.

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