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I joined the university in 2005, I have been teaching for 13 years now and previous to that spent 10 years working in industry as a womenswear design and producer. In partnership I ran my own label selling to retailers through out the world.

Research & Scholarship

My research interest is around students research investigation methods in both physical and digital dimensions. Considering specifically student research proprencities when they are studying objects, archival material as part of their research process. This research considers how students can be supported to further their research outcomes in both the physical and digital. Field research has taken place and digital resources to support student have been developed the finding of which have been published. Current research is taking place around student pattern cutting in physical and digital forms.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Evans, C. and Allen, C. (2012) Exploring interactive possibilities: the journey so far [Video]

McDowell, J., Allan, R. and Evans, C. (2012) ‘Effecting institutional change through the cultivation of a community of practice on video-enhanced assessment and feedback’. In: ALT-C 2012 – a confrontation with reality, 11th - 13th September 2012, Manchester University, UK

Evans, C. and Allen, C. (2012) ‘Undergraduate student research skills for the 21st century: Pedagogical investigation for engaging the millennials beyond surface learning.’. In: 9th ICED Conference 2012, 23-25 July 2012, Bangkok, Thailand


Evans, C. and Allen, C. (2011) Ryedale [Video]

Allen, C. and Evans, C. (2011) ‘Going beyond the obvious: Engaging fashion design and fashion communication students in reflection and self motivated investigation’. In: Fashion: Exploring Critical Issues 3rd Global Conference, Thursday 22nd September – Sunday 25th September 2011, Oxford, UK


Evans, C (2010) ‘Case Study: The Fashion Archive at the University of Huddersfield’. In: Look-here! Project User Needs and Pedagogy Workshop, October 2010, JISC Offices, London


Evans, C (2009) ‘But What do I Wear? A Study of Women's Climbing Attire’. In: 2nd Global conference: Fashion exploring critical issues, 23-26 September 2009, Oriel College, Oxford

Evans, C (2009) ‘Developing the perfect fashion archive’. In: 1st Global conference. Fashion exploring critical issues, 25-27 September 2009, Mansfield College, Oxford

Research Degree Supervision

1. Fashion Design

2. Pattern Cutting

3. Manufacture and production

4. Fashion Archiving

5. Entrepreneurship, setting up a fashion company

Enterprise Activities

Skillset accreditation - responsible for successful submission/presentation to gain the Creative Skills tick for the Fashion Design with Marketing and Production course accredited February 2014

Teaching and Professional Activities

Course Leader Fashion Design with Marketing and Production
Admissions tutor Fashion Design with Marketing and Production
Final year tutor Fashion Design with Marketing and Production
Personnel Tutor all years

Module leader:
TFD1131 Marketing and Production 1
TID1131 Marketing and Production 2
THD 1340 Research and Development
THD1343 Theory for Fashion Design

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