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Dr Smith graduated from Salford University (Biochemical Science) in 1997 before gaining his PhD from Cranfield University developing polysaccharide substitutes for gelatin in the production of pharmaceutical capsules under the supervision of Prof. Ed Morris. Following his PhD Dr Smith worked for 2 years as a formulation scientist within the pharmaceutical industry before taking up a position as a polysaccharide chemist at Industrial Research Limited, Wellington, New Zealand. On his return to the UK Dr. Smith has worked as a post doctoral research fellow at the University of Birmingham (School of Dentistry) and Aston University (School of Pharmacy) developing 3D cell scaffolds and polysaccharide based drug delivery systems. In 2008 he joined the tissue regeneration and interface laboratory within Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham where he continued to develop his research on biopolymers for tissue engineering and drug delivery applications before being appointed as a Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics at the University of Huddersfield in March 2011.

Research and Scholarship

Dr Smith’s research group focuses on pharmaceutical and medical applications of biopolymers. Biopolymers are a versatile class of materials which exhibit easily tailorable properties that are advantageous in developing bio-responsive drug delivery systems and functional cell culture substrates.

Cell Encapsulation and Delivery

Polysaccharides hydrogels provide an extremely mild and simple route to 3D cell immobilisation providing the cells with an environment that is similar to natural extracellular matrix. Dr Smith is developing these hydrogels to enable the culture of multiple cell types from a population of mesenchymal stem cells, within a single 3D structure. He is also interested in how the mechanical properties of hydrogels change in physiological and cell culture conditions and how this impacts on the phenotype of encapsulated cells. In addition to this, he is also investigating how the extent of diffusion of molecules through different hydrogels effect tissue development.

Bioadhesion and Physiologically Responsive Biopolymers

The ability to retain a drug or cells at the site of action is an important consideration for many localised applications such as wound healing and ocular drug delivery. Biopolymers in particular, can interact with physiological secretions via physical interactions allowing sustained delivery of therapeutic molecules. Currently, Dr Smith is developing methods to measure sol- gel transitions in situ and investigating how modification of various biopolymers can enhance bioadhesion and increase drug retention time.

Dosage form development

Within this research theme Dr Smith is interested in developing modified release formulations for oral delivery by utilizing the physiological responsive nature of biopolymers. In particular, developing novel enteric pharmaceutical capsules (Patent No. WO/2008/119943) and enteric oral liquid formulations.

Polysaccharide Extraction Characterisation and Application

Dr Smith’s group are also interested in the fundamental chemical and physical properties polysaccharides extracted from plants native to sub Saharan Africa. Funded by Royal Society (Newton Fellowships) this theme is designed to address issues of people within developing countries that cannot afford modern medicines due to the high cost of expensive imported raw materials. Many of these counties however, have an abundance of natural resources from which materials can be extracted that provide an equivalent or even an improved function. By revealing the chemical and physical properties of these polysaccharides we hope to promote their use in pharmaceutical and biomedical applications.

Other research commitments

  • Guest Editor for Food Hydrocolloids “Special Issue: Bridging the Divide between Food and Pharma”
  • Member of the editorial board for the Journal of Biomaterials Applications and Drug Delivery Letters
  • Co-founder and Chair 1st UK Hydrocolloids Symposium 2013 (University of Huddersfield)
  • Organising committee for 30th Cement and Concrete Science Conference, 2010, (University of Birmingham)
  • Reviewer for more than twenty journals, including PloS ONE, Langmuir, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, Acta Biomaterialia, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Carbohydrate Polymers, Food Hydrocolloids, Materials Science and Engineering C,
  • Reviewer for the MRC, Orthopaedic Research UK, EU FP7
  • Member of UK Society for Biomaterials
  • Member of UKICRS
  • Member of Materials Sciences, Formulation and Drug Delivery Research Group (UOH)
  • Member of the Institute of Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention (UOH)
  • Glycobiology and Food Science Research Group (UOH)

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Research Degree Supervision

Opportunities for self funded PhD studies are available in the following research areas

  • Injectable cell culture substrates for tissue regeneration
  • Development of modified release oral liquid formulations for pediatrics
  • Developing bioresponsive hydrogels for tissue engineering applications

Applications are welcome from potential students with an interest in formulation development or the physicochemical properties of macromolecules.

Postgraduate research opportunities with Dr Alan Smith

Teaching and Professional Activities

  • Dr Smith is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, his current teaching responsibilities include:
  • Yr 4 MPharm year tutor
  • Module co-ordinator and Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Advanced Drug Delivery for 4th year MPharm Drug design and Development module (M-Level)
  • Lecturer in Formulation and Pharmaceutics (Colloids and Rheology) 3rd Year MPharm (H-Level)
  • Lecturer MSc Analytical and Pharmaceutical Science (Particle Sizing and Rheology) (M-Level)
  • Lecturer in Critical Analysis for research projects 3rd Year MPharm (H-Level)
  • Visiting Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Containment at the University of Birmingham (M-Level)

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