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Nik Taylor is Subject Area Leader in Drama, Theatre and Performance at the University of Huddersfield where he researches and lectures on Performance Magic and Creative Technical Theatre. He is co-editor of The Journal of Performance Magic

He has worked as a performer, writer and director; working on a number of projects in the UK, Germany and France, including Discurs’96 & The Festival of Contemporary European Plays. He has designed for Performance City, FestCEP & Sapajou, produced a low budget feature, and performed as a dancing penguin.

As a Research Magician, he is coordinator of the Magic Research Group and is currently undertaking a research on Performing Real Magic(K): The Conjurer and Audience in Bizarre Magic.  As a performer, Nik specialises in Bizarre Magic, Sideshow, Séance and Divination.  Nik co-curates Mr Punch's Cabinet of Curiosities a dark museum of weird and haunted artefacts. He recently advised on the Thackray Medical Museum’s The Magic of Medicine exhibition and Proper Job Theatre’s Nosferatu and performed in Hester Reeve’s YMEDACA at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

He is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and The British Society of Mystery Entertainers.

Research and Scholarship

Performance Magic, (particularly ‘Bizarre Magick’)

Nik’s key research interest is performance magic; from the big box illusionist to the close-up prestidigitator. His main focus is the dramaturgy of Bizarre Magic and Paranormal Entertainment. A majority of this work is practice-based, both through performing as a Mystery Entertainer and through teaching-based research with small groups of students.  His most recent work examines narratives of performance magic and their relationship with the dramatic structure of legend texts.

Multimedia, performance interaction and immersion.

Nik is also interested in the use of multimedia within performance. His experiments in this area have involved digital scenography and projection mapping. Nik is keen to integrate Performance Magic research into this area, and has created a number of immersive/interactive experiences that use magic to create a visceral experience for the audience.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Research Degree Supervision

Nik is happy to supervise/co-supervise research students (MA by Research, MPhil, PhD) in areas related to his teaching and research specialisms. Nik is particularly interested in Performance Magic in the 20th/21th Century, theatre illusion and sideshow, and the relationship of the actor within a multimedia performance space. He would welcome enquires within the following broad subject areas.

  • Performance Magic
  • Technical theatre
  • Multimedia in performance

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