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University of Huddersfield National Scholarship Awards Programme (NSP)

The University of Huddersfield is offering 1000 scholarships to students who meet the criteria listed below in 2014/15. The scholarships will be awarded as a fee remission of £3,000. The scholarship programme has received the support and backing of University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Bob Cryan as well as local philanthropist, Graham Leslie. For full details of the scholarship programme, please see the principles and rules listed below:


  1. In 2014/15 1000  scholarships will be awarded, each as a fee remission of £3,000. The fee remission will apply to the first year if study only.

  2. Up to 80 scholarships will be available to students on the Science and Engineering Foundation Years, with preference given to those with the lowest family incomes.

  3. Scholarships will be available to those new students on other courses who have 280 UCAS points or more made up of any UCAS qualification that can be mapped against the points tariff and whose family income is less than £25,000 per annum.

  4. The NSP will only be available to students coming in under the new fee regime and will apply for full time undergraduate studies at the University in 2014/15.

  5. The NSP will not be available to students on one year top-up degree programmes.

  6. The NSP will not be available to part-time students at the University of Huddersfield.

  7. If you are a mature student and you meet the criteria, you are eligible to apply for a scholarship through the NSP

  8. Under no circumstances will the scholarship exceed the fee to be charged.

  9. NHS funded students are excluded from the scheme as are any students that receive another government bursary.

  10. Students that already hold an undergraduate honours degree level qualification are excluded from the scheme.

  11. English and EU students will be eligible for the award. Their entry qualifications will be converted to equivalent UCAS entry points where possible so they can be assessed in the same way as English students.

  12. Students from non EU countries and from  Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are excluded from the award.

  13. The Student Finance Office will be responsible for the administration of the NSP programme.

Administration rules

  1. The standard NSP awards programme will be allocated to students in descending UCAS points order. The Admissions and Records Office (ARO) will supply a list of these students to the Student Finance Office (SFO) in October. Students with the highest number of UCAS points on entry will be allocated a scholarship and this will continue until all full-time undergraduate students with more than 280 UCAS points have been processed.

  2. An income check will then take place whereby the Student Finance Office will check the list of UCAS entry points against the household income level of less than £25k to establish which of those are eligible for the NSP. The income level information will be supplied by Student Finance England through the standard means testing process.

  3. Once these two checks have taken place the SFO will then award a £3k scholarship to those students that meet both criteria as set out above. The students will be informed in writing of their award, and the award will work as a fee reduction of £3,000 in the first year of study only.

  4. If household income changes subsequent to the initial award which takes the student above the £25k threshold they will not have the scholarship removed from them. If the opposite happens then students that fall into the income category of less than £25k after a household income reassessment cannot be guaranteed an award if all NSP awards have been allocated.

  5. 80 NSP awards out of the initial allocation of 1000 will  be offered to students on the Science and Engineering Foundation Programmes under the household income rule of less than 25k only.

  6. UCAS entry points will not be used for the Foundation course NSP.

  7. If more students qualify  than there are NSP awards available then additional criteria will be used to allocate them. The criteria will be based upon the following rules;

    a)    Those with the lowest household income will be allocated first in ascending order.

    b)    If they are still not all allocated students with dependants for which they receive either the Parents' Learning Allowance or Adult Dependants' grant will be awarded the NSP.

    If students withdraw or suspend from their programme the University requires a mechanism to redistribute the award. It is proposed that the following policy be adopted.

    a)    As we are offering the NSP as a fee reduction of £3k, a student will have their fee liability reduced on a proportional basis depending at what time of the year they leave their course.

    b)    It has been proposed by the government that there will be a standardised tuition fee refund policy for students across all universities. This works as 25% fee charge if the student leaves in term 1, 50% charge if they leave in term 2 and a 100% charge if they leave in term 3. The NSP award will therefore be reduced along the same lines. For example if a student leaves in term 1 the NSP will be reduced by 75% - to £750 and the outstanding fee amount will be covered by the fee loan

    c)    Any NSP awards that are recouped in this way can then be used and reallocated to other students that did not previously get an award based on the criteria previously described.

How to apply

If you meet the criteria listed above, then you need to apply through Student Finance England who carries out means testing on behalf of the University of Huddersfield.

You will not need to fill out a separate application in order to apply for a scholarship through the NSP – you will do this as part of your student finance application.

Further information about scholarships and bursaries as well as information on how to apply for student finance can be found on the Student Finance England website.


If you would like to speak to someone at the University about the National Scholarship Programme, please contact the Student Finance Office by emailing: 

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