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The following staff can be contacted via the University's Public Relations Office on 01484 472693 or via e-mail:  RADIO INTERVIEWS - The Public Relations Office is equipped with ISDN connectivity for radio interviews with broadcast quality codec capability of G.722.

Art, Paintings and Sculpture

  • Professor Robert Ward - Sculpture and its relationship to ideas concerning space and time; Public sculpture and its engagement with the public; Exhibitions as process; The development of art education, philosopy and practice since 1950

Automotive Industry

  • Professor Rob Brown - Green chemistry; Solid acid/base catalysts for liquid phase reactions; Porous solids; Biodiesel synthesis; Adsorption calorimetric techniques for characterising solid catalysts and asorbents

Business and Management

  • Dr John Anchor - Strategic Management; Political risk assessment; Emerging markets especially in relation to strategy and international business issues; Higher education policy

Business Ethics

Children and Child Protection

  • Professor Adele Jones - International children’s rights; Child sexual abuse and victimisation; Child refugees and asylum-seekers; Psychosocial implications for children of HIV-AIDS; Child-centred research methodologies; Child protection policy formulation

  • Dr Bernard Gallagher - Child abuse/protection; Children in care; Child victimisation; Child welfare and research methodology

  • Professor Helen Masson - Children and young people with harmful sexual behaviours - policy, services development adn service user experiences; Child welfare and safeguarding

  • Professor Nigel Parton - Child protection, child welfare and social work; Comparing child protection systems; The contemporary politics of child protection

  • Professor Eric Blyth - Infertility and assisted human reproduction

Computing and IT

  • Professor Lee McCluskey - Artificial intelligence, especially the sub areas of automated planning, machine learning and knowledge engineering; Applications of artificial intelligence to autonomous and autonomic systems, including to road and air traffic control

Crime and Criminology

  • Professor David Canter - Criminal profiling; Investigative psychology

  • Professor Alex Hirschfield - Enviromental criminology and situational crime prevention; Crime pattern analysis and geographical information systems; Violence and the night time economy; Evaluation of crime reduction programmes; Links between crime, disadvantage and health

  • Dr Jason Roach - Criminal/forensic psychology, terrorism, detecting serious and serial offenders (crime profiling) and crime science

  • Dr Donna Youngs - Criminal profiling; Investigative psychology


Education and Teacher Training

  • Dr Martyn Walker - Teacher training (FE colleges); School and college management

  • Professor James Avis - Post-compulsory education; Political economy of education; Lived experience of learners and teachers; Professionalism; Education politics and social justice

  • Professor Glenn Hardaker - Inclusive education and internationalism; E-learning innovation and diversity; Learning styles and technologies; Madrasah management; Islamic pedagogya and curriculum

  • Dr Peter Moxon - Learning difficulties (dyslexia, autism, ADHD)

  • Dr Denis Feather - Academic identity; HE in FE, HE, Leadership; The dark side of leadership; Scholarship and direct marketing

  • Professor Robert Ward - The development of art education, philosophy and practice since 1950




Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Environment and Sustainability

Equality and Diversity

Ethnicity, Multi-culturalism, Community Cohesion and 'Britishness'

Forensic Science

  • Graham Williams - Crime scene investigations; DNA profiling; forensic science



  • Professor Tim Thornton - History and Identity

  • Professor Keith Laybourn - The Labour Party; Trade Unions

  • Professor Paul Ward - Britishness since the late 19th Century

  • Professor Barry Doyle - Early 20th Century urban history, especially urban politics; The history of hospitals before the NHS; Post-war leisure and popular culture

  • Professor Richard Morris - Archaeology; The archaeological study of buildings; Settlement and landscape, historical topography; Churches and religious communities; 20th-century military aviation

  • Stephen Dorril - British Intelligence Services; MI6; Spies and espionage; The Cold War; The Profumo Affair; Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists

Human Resource Management

  • Professor Stephen Swailes - Human resource management; Employee performance; Employee behaviour in terms of team performance


  • Professor Eric Blyth - Infertility and assisted conception; Sperm donation; Children's welfare and children's rights

Intelligence Services

  • Stephen Dorril - British Intelligence Services; MI6; Spies and espionage; The Cold War

Low Carbon Futures

Nanotechnology and Surface Measurement


Nuclear Energy

Pharmacy and Drug Manufacture

  • Professor Mike Page - Superbugs and antibiotics; The chemistry of β-lactam antibiotics; Drug design

  • Professor Henry Chrystyn - Inhalers and the therapeutics of inhaled drugs; Clinical pharmacy in the primary and secondary healthcare sectors; Medicine management

  • Professor Barbara Conway - Pharmaceutics and the pharmaceutical industry




Social Work and Social Policy

Transport and Tourism

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