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TV & radio programme within a series

In-text example Reference list example
  • For an episode from TV or radio series, use the same format as for a chapter in a book, but list the writer and director in the author position and the producer in the editor position
  • Reference to series title in text, just give year of publication in brackets after their name.
  • No reference to the series title in text, include title of film/date in brackets
  • Writer or presenter & director
  • Year of release (in round brackets) followed by a full stop
  • Programme title
  • Television or radio series episode [in square brackets] followed by a full stop
  • In
  • Producer of the series in format: initial/s, surname
  • The word Producer in round brackets.
  • Title of the series (italics)
  • Place of production and Publisher (i.e. transmitting organisation and channel, where appropriate)
In The ascent of money, Ferguson (2008) makes the point that…..

Ferguson, N. (Writer & Presenter) & Pennick, A. (Director). (2008). Blowing bubbles [Television series episode]. In M. Fall (Producer), The ascent of money. London: C4.

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TV & radio programme within a series details

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