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Thesis or dissertation

 In-text example

 Reference list example

  • Reference to author in text, just give year of publication in brackets after their name
  • No reference to author in text, include author/date in brackets
  • Page numbers must be included for direct quotations
Paper copy
  • Author(s) in format: Surname, Initial/s
  • Year of publication (in round brackets) followed by a full stop
  • Title (italics)
  • Type of document (e.g. Unpublished doctoral thesis)
  • Name of institution
  • Location

If viewed on-line through a University website/repository, after title add

 If access via the British Library EThOS service, after title add the following to the reference after type of document:

  • (Doctoral thesis or masters dissertation)
  • Retrieved from http://www.xxxxx

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