The Podiatry Clinic

The University of Huddersfield Podiatry Clinic has state of the art clinical facilities comprising of a multi-chaired clinic, orthotics lab, gait analysis and surgical theatre suite. The clinic is staffed by our Podiatry students under the supervision of academic staff who all hold professional qualifications in podiatry. This benefits you as well as giving our students valuable clinical experience in addition to that gained through their clinical placements.

What can I see a Podiatrist for?

Any foot or lower limb problems. At your first appointment a full assessment is completed to identify your specific requirements. Specific podiatry clinics run for the following:

  • Musculoskeletal Clinic
    Lower limb and foot pain, sports injuries or problems with function are assessed within this clinic. This may result in the production of chairside or custom made orthoses to improve function.
  • High Risk Clinic
    For patients with complications such as poor circulation or loss of feeling in the lower limb.
  • Nail Surgery
    A permanent solution to painful toe nail conditions such as ingrowing nails.
  • Podopaediatrics
    A separate clinic runs for children.
  • General Podiatry Clinics
    Consultation on common podiatric conditions such as toe deformity, corns, callus and thickened or misshapen nails.

Who will I see?

The Podiatry Clinic is open to anyone with a lower limb problem. The Clinic accepts direct self referral in addition to referrals from other Healthcare Professionals.

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