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The Graduate School Researcher Development Funds

Here at the University of Huddersfield we understand that our success in becoming a world class research institution relies on the excellence of our researchers. We are therefore committed to encourage and supporting your personal, professional and career development as a valued member of our community. We aim to equip you with the skills necessary not only to conduct excellent research, but also to excel as leaders in your chosen field.

In order to illustrate our commitment to maintaining a high level of excellence we have introduced a new Graduate School – Researcher Development Fund. This fund is to support you as a researcher in being able to engage with your research, engage others and participate in collaborative practice that will enhance and grow the potential of your own research.

The Researcher Development Fund is designed to develop activities support peer-led professional development activities for researchers and support the skills and career development of the University’s postgraduate community. We are very keen to sponsor initiatives which demonstrate wide appeal and benefit to researchers across disciplines. It is hoped that the fund will support activities that complement and enhance existing researcher development provision and will contribute to researcher development in strategic areas such as career development, planning and research impact. 

Funding is available for the following themes


 Max award per project



 National Conferences and Exhibitions


 International Conferences and Exhibitions




 Conference/Open Days/Workshops (hosting)


 Public Engagement 


 Special Projects ( international, collaboration, impact, networking, intellectual climate)


The Modern Language Fund

In addition to our Graduate School Funds, The Modern Languages Fund (MLF) has been established to support the wider personal and professional development of postgraduate researchers by helping them to acquire skills that will improve their ability to communicate with researchers in other countries and access research literature and materials published in languages other than English - as well as opening up to them opportunities to seek employment and placements overseas.

The MLF will support one place per student per annum on a first-come first-served basis. The Fund is open to full-time and part-time, registered, non-staff, postgraduate researchers. Courses start every September and early application is advised. 

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