Listing of part-time courses for 2017-18

Part-time Courses

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Accounting and Finance MA
Action Research for Education MA
Advanced Architectural Design MA
Advanced Computer Science MSc
Advanced Metrology MSc
Advanced Project Management in Construction MSc
Advanced Safeguarding MSc
Analytical Bioscience MSc
Analytical Chemistry MSc
Applied Computing (Top-up) BSc(Hons)
Applied Health Sciences (MSc by Research)
Applied Health Sciences (PhD)
Architecture and the Built Environment (MA by Research)
Architecture and the Built Environment (PhD)
Art and Design (MA by Research)
Art and Design (PhD)
Assessment and Examination of the Newborn
Assessment and Intervention in Child Safeguarding
Assessment and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE)
Assessment, Care and Management of Acute/Critical Illness or Injury
Automotive Engineering MSc


Best Interest Assessor
Biological Sciences (MSc by Research)
Biological Sciences (PhD)
Business and Management Studies (MA by Research)
Business and Management Studies (MSc by Research)
Business and Management Studies (PhD)
Business English and Intercultural Communication MA


Certificate in Management Studies (CMS)
Cervical Screening (H)
Chemical Engineering (PhD)
Chemistry (MSc by Research)
Chemistry (PhD)
Communication, Cultural and Media Studies (MA by Research)
Communication, Cultural and Media Studies (PhD)
Computer Science and Informatics (MSc by Research)
Computer Science and Informatics (PhD)
Consolidation in Professional Practice
Contemporary Issues in Children's Safeguarding
Continuing Professional Development for Pharmacy Technicians
Creative Writing (MA by Research)
Creative Writing (PhD by Publication)
Creative Writing (PhD)
Criminology/Criminal Justice (MSc by Research)
Criminology/Criminal Justice (PhD)


Design Integration and Building Information Modelling (BIM) MSc
Developing Practice Educator Skills
Doctor of Business Administration
Doctor of Enterprise
Drama, Dance and Performance (MA by Research)
Drama, Dance and Performance (PhD)


Early Childhood Studies MA
Early Years BA(Hons)
Early Years Initial Teacher Training (EYTS) - Graduate Employment Route PT
Economics and Econometrics (MA by Research)
Economics and Econometrics (MSc by Research)
Economics and Econometrics (PhD)
Education (MA by Research)
Education (PhD)
Education and Professional Development BA/BA(Hons)
Education and Professional Enquiry MA
Education and Youth Work Studies MA
Education EdD Doctor of
Education MA
Electrocardiograph (ECG) Monitoring and Interpretation
Electronic and Electrical Engineering MEng/BEng (Hons)
Engineering (MSc by Research)
Engineering (PhD)
Engineering Control Systems and Instrumentation MSc
Engineering Management MSc
English Language and Applied Linguistics MA
English Language and Applied Linguistics MA (Distance Learning)
English Literature (MA by Research)
English Literature (PhD)
Enhancing Practice Educator Skills
Exercise Science BSc(Hons)


Forensic Science (MSc by Research)
Forensic Science (PhD)


Guidance Professional Studies MA, PgDip


Health Studies (Advanced Clinical Practitioner) MSc
Health Studies (Advanced Nurse Practitioner) MSc
Health Studies (Health Professional Education: Teaching) MSc
Health Studies (Practice Teaching) MSc
Health Studies MSc
Healthcare Management MSc
Higher Education MA
History (MA by Research)
History (PhD)
History of Childhood (MA by Research)
Human Resource Development MA
Human Resource Development PgDip
Human Resource Management MA
Human Resource Management PgDip


Independent and Supplementary Prescribing
Information Systems Management MSc
Intercultural Communication MA
Introduction to Clinical Examination and Assessment Skills


Law (PhD)
Leadership and Management for Healthcare Practice
Leadership in Education and Public Services MA
Learning and Development Management MA
Learning and Teaching: Theories, Processes and Strategies in Health Professional Education
Learning Support BA(Hons)
Leg Ulcer Management (Distance Learning) (Masters)
Legal Practice (Top-up) LLM
Lifelong Learning CertEd in-service
Lifelong Learning PGCE in-service (University of Huddersfield)
Linguistics (MA by Research)
Linguistics (PhD)


Management MSc
Management with Entrepreneurship MSc
Management with International Business MSc
Management with Marketing MSc
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Enterprise
Mechanical Engineering BEng(Hons)
Mechanical Engineering Design MSc
Mechanical Engineering MSc
Mental Capacity and Mental Disorder
Mental Health in Practice: Assessment, Intervention and Debates
Mental Health Matters for Advancing Practice
Music (MA by Research)
Music (PhD)


Nurse Prescribing from the Community Practitioners Formulary
Nursing and Midwifery (MSc by Research)
Nursing and Midwifery (PhD)
Nursing Studies (Post Registration) (Top-up) BSc(Hons)
Nutrition (MSc by Research)
Nutrition (PhD)


Oil and Gas Engineering with Management MSc


Perioperative Studies (Top-up) (Distance Learning) BSc(Hons)
Pharmaceutical and Analytical Science MSc
Pharmaceutical Sciences (MSc by Research)
Pharmaceutical Sciences (PhD)
PhD by Publication
Podiatry BSc(Hons)
Podiatry MSc
Policy and Advanced Professional Practice
Politics and International Studies (MSc by Research)
Politics and International Studies (PhD)
Practice Development
Principles of Podiatry Surgery
Professional Practice and Management in Architecture (RIBA Part 3) PgCert
Psychology (MSc by Research)
Psychology (PhD)
Public Health (MSc by Research)
Public Health (PhD)
Public Health Administration MSc
Public History, Oral History and Community Heritage (MA by Research)


Railway Systems Safety and Risk MSc


Safeguarding Adults (Prevention): Contemporary Issues and Debates
Safeguarding Children: Policy and Organisational Context
Social Research and Evaluation MSc (Distance Learning)
Social Work and Social Policy (MSc by Research)
Social Work and Social Policy (PhD)
Sociology (MSc by Research)
Sociology (PhD)
Sport Science BSc(Hons)
Sport, Exercise and Nutrition BSc(Hons)
Supporting Learning and Assessment in Practice (Distance Learning)


Teaching in Lifelong Learning (Top-up) MA
Technology Enhanced Learning and Innovation MA
Theory of Podiatric Surgery MSc
Tissue Viability and Wound Management (Distance Learning) (Masters)


Urban Design MA


Working in New Roles and Contexts


Youth and Community Work In-Service BA(Hons)
Youth and Community Work Professional Studies MA, PgDip

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